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You may have had erratic schooling or have moved schools and if you feel you have missed out on your education then try to further it later in life. You may have a talent for writing especially anything to do with fantasy, romance or anything that requires conceptual thinking.

In romance you can be possessive but the flip side to that is you will defend the ones you love — you will turn into a tiger where your children are concerned. This is usually an excellent number for attracting a mate that will help you with domestic tasks and child rearing. You are also likely to attract a partner who may be in the public eye in some way.

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During your life there may be a secret love affair — if so try to be aware this comes from an escapist tendency and deal with problems head on in relationships. You are highly creative and may work in a creative area or have contact with people who do such as actors, artists, musicians etc.

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Because of your compassionate nature you may also attract people who have served time in a prison, asylum, institution, hospice, rest home or orphanage, or a family member may spend time in one of these. According to your number vibration your long term future is bright and you will have the love of people who feel like your family whether they are actual family or not!

If you were born on the 11 th , 20 th or 29 th of any month please see the additional information contained in your power number which you can find in this section. Entertainment SP www. Terms and conditions. Mom died at 32… I always wondered why I have so many double numbers born at Amazing and beyond accurate.

Numerology The Personality Number

Even looking back at my life at the age of 28, significant in the passing of my father but true insight to my future. You rock! Exactly same for me.. Your email address will not be published. Therefore this Number is the opposite of Number 1. It is very gentle and romantic. People born on this day are smart and creative, they have artistic abilities, they are lively and imaginative. Their strength is in their mind, and in everything they are looking more for the spiritual than for physical satisfaction.

This people like to dream, to live in their self-made spiritual clouds, sometimes getting too far from the material worldly life. They are also very vulnerable and sometimes it is good for them to avoid the heavy labor.

Numerology : the number 2 personality (if you're born on the 2, 11, 20, 29)

Their love is first born in them mind, and they do not recognize the physical proximity without spiritual connection. Therefore, they have their sexual power pretty much dependent on their mood. Physical satisfaction is always a second thing for them - after the spiritual alliance of souls. For such people, sex is the culmination of their emotions, that are born in their minds. They are already happy, if there is a spiritual union with their partner.

It does not matter much if this relationship will finally have a physical form - for them is not so important. Their marriage will be especially successful if their partner is on the same "spiritual heights". According to June 2 zodiac meanings, you are a flirt that expects great things from a mate. Typically, you find it hard to trust anyone with your heart or your finances.

A Gemini that is born on this day is likely to be forced to let someone else handle the budget or funds. You seem to lack the necessary skills to save money or to make ends meet sometimes.

Those born on this day need to take a day off just to be pampered. A massage may get rid of that headache. This card stands for good judgment, able to make clear decisions and perception.

The Numerology meaning of the 19 birthday

Number 2 — This number stands for the ability to make the right decisions, modesty, and tact. Number 8 — This is a Karma number that symbolizes power, authority and materialistic disposition. Orange: This is a joyful color that symbolizes energy, vitality, emotional strength and positivity. Silver: This color is an intuitive color that symbolizes soothing freshness, purity, and emotions.

Wednesday — This day ruled by Mercury stands for the ability to communicate, flexibility and travel. Monday — This day ruled by Moon stands for perception, sympathy, motherhood, and romance. Agate gemstone that helps in improving your intellect and creativity. A cell phone for the man and an eBook reader for the woman. The June 2 birthday horoscope predicts that you love gifts that have an aura of adventure.

Tags gemini june. People of high academic standards made me look like a complete arse hole for bragging about my birthdays significance in history to people i know and care about. Your email address will not be published.

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